Sunday, April 26, 2009

You know you have grown up when….

I am gonna pass out of college in 2 months. This is the phase when you start getting nostalgic about things you weren't so crazy about in the first place. So these were the best four years of my life – see what I meant by the earlier sentence; when I actually had to go to college and write exams, I couldn’t wait for engineering to end. But anyway, all of that is beside the point. 

So what is the point exactly? Yes, that’s one thing which is always difficult to make out when I am writing. I normally start writing a post without anything concrete in mind and then just carry on with the flow and then at the end, I see where I have reached and accordingly give it a title. It works fine for me that way. Anyway, that is beside the point too. 

So what is the point exactly? Okay, now that’s 2 paragraphs in a row which start and end the same way, which is not good. So now I will get to the point – I have grown up. I have grown up and matured. One keeps growing up all the time, so how do you know when you have “grown up” grown up? Well…

You know you have grown up when:

  1. You have more chest hair (We are only talking about the Indian male species here)
  2. 1999 seems like the time when you were young and foolish – and now you are young no more.
  3.  You know WWE is not actually real, so you shouldn’t really try it at home.
  4. Some of your childhood friends are planning to get married, some are married and some have a kid named Sonu.
  5. You don’t have to know about every new Facebook application that comes out.
  6. You don’t watch a 3 hour movie for a 2-minute bikini scene in somewhere. You just download the bikini clip and watch it – many times over.
  7. Quite a number of your drunken conversations end with - “That’s life”.
  8. You start expressing concern about the bleak future of the country, now that you are a part of it.
  9. Your idea of a nice Sunday is good food and good sleep (and good sex if you can get some).
  10. Your email address isn’t a random mix of “hot”, “kool” and “dude” anymore. Instead it simply is your first name followed by your last name.
  11. You have more money to spend, but a responsibility to earn it too.
  12. You don’t try and break every law that there is in the book. There are some you respect, some you dispute, some you fear and some you live with.
  13. You watch Aaj Tak instead of Cartoon Network for a good laugh.
  14. You put your ass down on a big black chair and write this on a Saturday night.