Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singh is Kinng - Review

Horrible...For those of you who were not too keen on watching Singh is Kinng but gave it a floating thought anyway, drown the floating thoughts. But for those of you who might still want to go for it, continue reading the rest of the review to know why.

The movie aims to do what Bollywood has been doing for ages - those "humorous" moments which have to be loud and clear enough to be understood by the truck-driving movie-going audience, romance with the hero taking it all (sorry for the spoiler but 10 minutes into the movie and you can guess it anyway), and those emotional scenes between Ma and Beti etc etc.

Akshay Kumar plays Happy Singh who is sent to Australia by the village panchayat to get back the King(Sonu Sood) who is the biggest underworld Don. The King is being highly notorious and and his parents back in the Indian village want him to come back as they haven't seen him for ages. Akshay Kumar is accompanied by Om Puri on"Sardar's day out" but he looks really wasted in the role. The typical Bollywood sequence with a slight hint of Sardar masala follows which leaves you highly disappointed after the big Singh is Kinng talks. The movie also throws in Ranvir Shorey into the fray later but he too is wasted....am I over-using the word? (If you have seen the movie already you wouldn't really blame me for it).

And now the reason why people might still want to go for it...Katrina Kaif. She plays the Beti I talked about earlier to Kirron Kher. She is to marry Ranvir Shorey but then other predictable things happen. She again as predictable, looks absolutely stunning in the movie - she might have been the only reason that kept me from walking out at half-time. Oh yeah, the other reason was that it was raining heavily during half-time and I had no rain gear. Also, Javed Jafrrey who plays King's blind younger brother also gives us a few funny moments with his hilarious Punjabi accent.

At the end, I would like you to know that I am not one of those guys who goes for every other movie that comes out every other Friday. I am just a regular college goer with my small fixed sum of money for movie-watching and hence I might not be doing justice to the movie (it could be worse though!!) - you are free to go watch the movie, come back, review my review and the movie. And yeah, I had slept off for some 20-30 mins during the first half and the storyline I talked about was what I could make out (which was evident) from my pre and post nap sessions. So if you are gonna go watch the movie, do it for Katrina Kaif and the empty theatres...mark my words, all you "out on first-date" guys!!

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