Sunday, August 17, 2008

Untitled (I titled it 'Untitled')

You wanna write but you can't think of what to write about. So what do you do? Well, here's what I did when trying to come up with this article:
  • Kept staring at the trees outside my window - now I know the entire wind patterns of South Bangalore.
  • Winked at the fire alarm indicator which kept winking at me all the time. It might have got so pissed off by now that it won't wink when there is actually a fire
  • Kept selecting random words on the screen and appreciated what a wonderful invention the mouse is (yeah, what a name too!) and to add to it, the middle scroll button
  • Chewed on a piece of gum for 7 hours till the protons and neutrons got separated and weird electrostatic forces started taking control of my mouth - anything within a radius of 1m from my mouth went into my mouth.
  • Formed an entire dandruff shedding camp on the keyboard. I need to have a bath more often, and buy some shampoo too.
  • Munched on an entire packet of banana chips - God they're disgusting.
  • Reminded myself of how long my nails are and how much dirt has accumulated underneath them and wondered whether "my" dirt has a different more toxic chemical composition
  • Rolled from end to end of the room on my chair. I managed to topple a table and my laundry bag in the process and also kicked my dog. I need a rolling chair with a steering wheel for better control.
  • Came up with the one liner "Hot girls are made in dogs in ovens".
  • Thought about whether the one-liner makes any sense.
  • Decided it does and I will add it to "My best one-liners ever" list if people actually find it funny. And celebrate it with a hot dog. Make it a hot dog and beer
  • Wondered if The Eagles would be as popular if they were called, let's say The Pigeons or The Hens or worse, The Cocks.
  • Checked out other blogs to make this list more comprehensive. Unfortunately, the topic turned out to be just too original.

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Abeer said...

nice...real good start...maybe you could include stuff about ur skin peeling, or maybe some of our college stuff which hass been five point someone like...lolz. neways it gives me a bit of motivation to start my own blog...hopefully!! try adding in a short story or something!!